Some sureshot dating tips just for you!

Dating itself is a bog term that has got many things in its ambit; it may probably prepare for you the road ahead in your life. But remember that the term “probably” refers to something that you will have to focus upon. The prominence of this term becomes more pronounced when it comes to something called commitment. But how would you get to transform this into a lifelong relationship!

The dating phase is said to have better prospects when it is done in a gradual way so that you are not rushing into things and heading towards a committed relationship. But the  transition phase can be very tough if you are not taking it a right way! Let’s talk about that how the women should date in order to be able to take the relationship to the higher levels of intimacy and lifetime commitment. In this Best Senior Dating Sitesguide you will get to know what needs to be done in order to become more like the one that your man wants you to be.

  • First rule: Be patient

While entering into a dating phase with the man you like, it is very natural that you would like the relationship to move forward in a jet speed. Well! That is completely fine because being a woman you would be putting all the eggs in the same basket but as you should know that men don’t wish to commit that early in any relationship. Therefore, you have to be very patient in taking the things forward in a snail pace so that he gets the ample time to think if he is ready to get into the relationship with you. So have patience and let him be with himself.

  • Second rule: Focus on yourself

While in the dating you would like to be more with him but wait girls, it is better to show up some of your girl power so that he takes you as an independent woman who has a life of her own. Have a great time with your friends so that you are enjoying your life like you have always been. Never focus on him that makes him think that he is the center of your universe and that makes him a lot irritated with this attitude of yours. Pursue your hobbies and indulge in the things that you love to do, this is a reason enough for you to enjoy yourself on your own.

  • Third rule: Take it slow

This is the mantra of success in any relationship that is blooming with dating. Take it a gradual part of your growing up process in any relationship and this is indeed very crucial. Gradual flight always makes for a very strong foundation in the beginning. You will surely reap the benefits during the later phase of relationship because when the beginning is strong and gradual, he will be investing lots of faith in you. So just chill out and carry forward the fun trail that you have been indulging in.

  • Fourth rule: Don’t chase him

Now ladies, this is the most important dating tip. Never ever chase your man and don’t drive him crazy. Yes, you read it right! Chasing men by their lady love makes them run away from you so do not ever do this. Let him have his own space because with men it’s like do not enter into their den when they are in their resting phase. They love the space they are in and like to think that how to take the relationship forward so that it results into a more stable relationship. So instead focusing upon him, focus on yourself and your own feelings.

  • Fifth rule:Share your opinions

When you have entered the level of comfort zone with your man, share with him the feelings that have but in a more subtle way so that he doesn’t feel pressurized to take any kind of decision even when he does not like. There are many things that may get into the head of a man as he will be burdened with responsibilities, therefore, just share with him what you feel and then see that how he responds.