My First Website – Monetization

If you have a personal website for fun then making money is probably not on the first place. However, web is a wonderful thing–each website can be made to make money. It is up to you to decide how important the commercial part is. Making money on the web is pretty easy–there are countless opportunities for any type of website in any market niche.

The only difference between purely commercial 소액결제 현금화 website and other projects where making money is not so important is search engine optimization or SEO. SEO starts with keyword research and can make a difference between huge success and total failure. Targeting right keywords is essential if you would like to reach top positions in search results. And for commercial websites top positions are one of prerequisites for success.

There are few different approaches for website monetization. The best approach is to sell your own products or services. This will ensure that you will keep all the money from sales. Having own product is not so difficult as it may seem. Everybody is good in something. For example, if you don’t have a product yet you can create an e-book about anything you know at the expert level.

The beauty of the web is because you can easily make money even if you have nothing to sell. You can either sell products of other people or display various ads. Both types of website monetization can make a lot of money but you need to find out what works best. Failures are pretty common and some testing is needed before you make a final decision on the monetization method.

Affiliate marketing is a common approach where you advertise some products or services. When you make a sale you get a commission. This can be only 4% for common items like books or music but can be as high as 75% for software or e-books. There is a plethora of affiliate programs. For any market niche you can find some products that can be advertised on the website. Even if you have a non-commercial website you can advertise some products that are related to the content of your pages. Few dollars that you will earn each month can be used, for example, to pay the hosting bill.

Another popular monetization method is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. You publish text and image ads and whenever visitors click on the ad you get paid. For each click you get only few cents (or dollars in some competitive niches), but when you sum all the cents together you can get some decent amount of money. The most popular PPC publishing program is Google AdSense. The beauty of this program is in the displayed ads–they will be matched to the content of the page!